Recumbent Exercise Bikes Are the Perfect Workout for People of All Fitness Levels.

Whether you’re training to lose weight or to keep in shape, a recumbent exercise bike makes perfect sense. These unique exercise bikes are built to be ultra comfortable so that anyone can get a great workout without having to stop and stretch because of the ill-fitting seats and the awkward posture of regular exercise bikes.

The recumbent exercise bike features nice wide seats that provide the comfort needed for a full workout session. The user is not put in the usual awkward bent over position, which can irritate bad backs and knees.

The position which one assumes while on the recumbent bike allows the user to sit with their knees and back in a more relaxed position, which puts little or no stress on them while exercising. That is why many recumbent bikes are designed with a step-through design that doesn’t require lifting the leg to mount.

Recumbent exercise bikes for sale come in magnetic friction models, as well as direct tension models. The magnetic friction recumbent bike offers users the most recent technology in exercise bikes. It has a refined resistance, which uses magnetic currents to generate and vary the resistance felt by the user.

The magnetic resistance recumbent exercise bike is much quieter than other styles of exercise bikes and provides a very comfortable workout. The direct tension models require the user to adjust the tension in the bike manually and are not as quiet as the frictionless magnetic bikes.

They owe part of their appeal to the fact that they can be easily adjusted to fit anyone, and are great for those who are just beginning to workout from a long layoff. Both the handlebar and the seat on a recumbent bike are easily adapted to fit any stature.

Using a recumbent exercise bike to workout will benefit the abdominal muscles, the hamstrings is easy on the neck, and can be combined with hand weights to gain an upper body workout simultaneously.

Many physicians recommend recumbent exercise bikes to their cardio rehab patients, because of the low-stress factor combined with the great workout. They are also useful for those who have undergone hip or knee replacement or those with stress injuries, back problems or muscular difficulties. Ideally suited to people who need a low impact method of getting the exercise they need. They allow the blood to flow easily and help lower blood pressure while improving heart rate.

One of the main draws to a recumbent exercise bike is the advantage of being able to vary the workout received from the bike. Since the tension is adjustable, you can have a hard workout on the days you are feeling up to it, and an easy workout when you aren’t. This assists many people in keeping their workout routine. The ability to tailor the friction is appealing to those who might otherwise not want to workout.

If you are in the market for an exercise bike, you should consider the recumbent bike as a valid option. You will get a great workout without the feeling of dread you get with the thoughts of using other exercise equipment. Once you have experienced the comfort, convenience and more importantly, the results of a recumbent bike, you’ll never use a regular exercise bike again. Take a look at our recumbent exercise bikes for sale here

Ballon d’Or – Barcelona Show The Way With 6 Nominations

And when the French Magazine, France Football decided to release the names of the 30 players shortlisted to be finally nominated the Ballon d’Or, or the European Footballer of the Year, Barcelona leads the way with 5 of its starting eleven from the last terms Triplete winning side featuring in it. And we have Zlatan too on the list whereas Samuel Eto’o features in it as an Inter player after being an instrumental player last year in our triumphs before his services were snapped with the majestic, lanky magician from Sweden.

First Points Dropped, Valencia Hold Barca Back

So the buck stopped, Barca could not continue their winning march in La Liga, and should probably feel lucky not having lost the game at the Mestalla. Real Madrid won their game at home against Real Valladolid and have now come up to a point within us. Zlatan and King Henry did not start the game still nursing knocks they picked up on International duty with Swedenand France respectively, leaving the very tired looking Messiah, Iniesta and Pedro to do the work of scoring the goals. However that was never meant to be and Valencia threatned from time to time but were only able to secure a 0-0 draw.

Match Preview – Valencia Vs FC Barcelona (Liga is Back! Finally)

After an extremely gruelling and mentally exhausting session of World Cup qualifiers, League action is back again. And what a way to begin it again! Away at the hostile environment of The Mestalla. Every Barça fans knows that the away trip to Valencia is always a tricky one. Historically, the game at Mestalla has been one of the toughest of the season. Plus add to this the fact that almost all of our starting eleven is coming from all corners of the world after playing 2 games in a matter of 4 days, only adds to the concern.

Latest Transfer RoundUp – Sissoko,Cicinho In For January?

The transfer mill continues to run and churn out possible transfer targets for Barca during the January window. The latest names to have come in, in addition to Cesc Fabregas, Robinho (Together known as CR9!), Kompany; are Mohammed Sissoko from the Old Lady and Cicinho from Roma. This only adds to the list of Ex-Real Madrid players that Barca is reported to be vying for in the winter months. The continous rumours linking the blaugrana to Robinho refuses to die down.One new piece of best treadmills for home that came in was from the comments of Txiki, who said that Barca has ‘good’ relations with Bayern and if they ever decide to sell their star, Ribery, Barca will be the first to know.